How to Post an Event

Our Mission

Welcome to the Upstate New York Events Calendar! Our goal is to create one place to showcase all the amazing and diverse events and venues in Upstate New York! We are currently working our way outward from Ithaca, New York, where the company is based, but we ask you to encourage businesses and organizations in your city or town to post their events on this website to make it easier for a larger audience to find out about their events!

Who Should Publish Events

  • Businesses that regularly organize or manage events and want to reach a new and boarder audience.
  • Concert halls and other venues that want to showcase the events they host.
  • Individuals who want to promote their events or performances to a larger audience.
  • Community organizations that want to grow their attendee numbers and connect with previously unreachable audiences.
  • Bars, nightclubs, and lounges that often hold live performances or themed nights.

Who Will Visit the Website

We are targeting a few primary audiences with our own marketing campaigns to create traffic to the website.

  • Visitors who are looking for something to do in Upstate New York.
  • Upstate New York residents who want to explore the events and activities in other parts of the state.

The main point is that there are a lot of events that get missed, lost opportunities, because we are not all marketing geniuses and we don’t have a limitless marketing budget. This website is a new and affordable way to reach new audiences for event organizers and a central location for attendees to find new and interesting things to do.

What Events Can I Publish

  • ALL event submissions are subject to review and will be approved or sent back for revisions.
  • Events that discriminate against people based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex (gender), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, and reprisal will NOT be approved for posting on the website.
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Silver Trusted Sponsors will be given a free PUBLISHER account and Gold Trusted Sponsors will be given a free PROMOTER account for the duration of their sponsorships. Please DO NOT subscribe here if you are a UNYCC Trusted Sponsor.

Pay Per Event

$35/ event

pay per event post

  • NO setup fee
  • Submit your events by email
  • Limited to 4 event submissions per day
  • We review your event submissions within 24 hours
  • Email-based support

Event Promoter

$50/ month

FOR A LIMITED TIME: 90-day trial period

  • NO setup fee
  • Online publishing account created within 3 hours
  • Post and edit up to 20 events for each month
  • We review your event submissions within 4 hours
  • 2 featured events on the calendar and homepage per month
  • 2 one-hour marketing consults per month
  • Initial import of your event(s) from Eventbrite
  • Priority direct phone support